What is Moviesraja, and why should you stop using it?

If you are a big Tamil movie fan, you can surely go to Moviesraja Website. The site is known for downloading the latest movies and streaming. The site uploads Latest Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil movies, and TV shows.

On this site, all the movies and TV shows that they upload are free for the downloading process. This site doesn’t take any charges. Moviesraja Tamil movies download website is free to download the latest Tamil movies for free. The visitor goes to their site, then search for the desired film and download it.

What is Moviesraja?

Moviesraja is a website that uploads copyrighted content without permission. It is a pirated website. All kinds of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, and Dubbed movies are uploaded on this site. Various genres of movies are available on Moviesraja. When a new movie release, many people visit this site and downloads the movies from movies raja. Moviesraja Tamil movies download site is very famous for downloading newly released Tamil films.

How does the Moviesraja website work?

Moviesraja is a pirated website and uploads copyrighted contents. This site release movie in various genres. Various categories of movies are available on this site. Users visit the site, then search for their desired movies and download it for free.

How people use it?

Moviesraja is a movie downloading website. Movie lovers use this site to download the latest movies. Tamil industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Every year a large number of films are released in this industry. Tamil movies are full of entertainment. That’s why people love to watch Tamil movies. Moviesraja Tamil movies download website is known for downloading the latest Tamil movies.

Tamil movies are being watched all over India. People of India understand much of any film in the Hindi language. Every year a huge number of Tamil movies are released in India in the Tamil Language. But most people of India understand the Hindi language more than Tamil. So Hindi dubbed Tamil moves are mostly downloading from Moviesraja.

Why people use the Moviesraja website?

There are some specialties of Moviesraja Tamil movie download websites that make visitors stay with the site for a long time. This site is known for downloading the latest movies in India. Moviesraja Tamil movies download is a torrent website. The specialties of Moviesraja are listed below:

  • This site has a vast collection of several films such as Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, and English.
  • Popular TV shows and series are uploading on this website for free download.  
  • This site is a mobile-friendly website. Users can use this site by smartphones easily.
  • Hindi dubbed movies are also available on this site for free download.
  • Moviesraja has an app that can be used on any Smartphone.

Why Should you avoid it?

No. It is not safe at all to use the Moviesraja site. This website is a pirated website. In many countries, this site is banned due to anti-piracy law. There are hackers in the cyber world. Visitors of these sites like Moviesraja can get vulnerable to hackers. Using this site and downloading content from Moviesraja can lead you to stressful conditions. So do not visit or download content from the Moviesraja Tamil movies download website. Be safe and avoid this kind of pirated sites.

Moviesraja is not a legal website. Watching and downloading content from a pirated website can’t be legal. Watching and downloading content from Moviesraja Tamil movies download website can be considered a crime according to Indian anti-piracy law. We all know piracy is a crime. So people should avoid this site and should not use it for any reason. If anyone gets caught using this kind of website like Moviesraja can be punished by the government. So it is illegal to use or visit Moviesraja.


We do not suggest you download movies from these pirated sites like Moviesraja, and we don’t promote piracy. This article is only for educational purposes, and we are against piracy. We request to avoid these pirated sites and watch movies at the theatre. Please stand against piracy and help the government to stop piracy in our country.

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