What is the Isaimini Website, and what reasons to avoid it?

People visit various sites to download movies online. In India, every year, a vast number of films are released. Many people watch movies in the theatre, and others download them and watch them on their devices. To download Tamil movies, most people use the Tamilrockers website. 

Isaimini is a website like Tamilrockers to download all kinds of movies. Not only Tamil, but people use this platform to download Hindi, English, Telegu, Malayalam, and other language’s films.

What is Isaimini?

The Isaimini website not only shares movies, but it is also known for sharing the latest web series, TV Series, and Shows and Documentaries. This website shares contents in Full HD quality.

This website uploads the newest movies as well as older movies and TV shows too. People can watch and download older films and TV shows as well as the newest ones.

People use the website is mainly used to download movies, but the site also offers to download Android apps, Lyrics, HD wallpapers, movie -subtitles too.  

The Isaimini website is not a legal site. It is also not safe from malware and viruses. Should you avoid using Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website?

How does Isaimini work?

Isaimini is a torrent website. This website keeps changing the name of their site name so that google doesn’t ban the site. People use Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website only by using a VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network.

The website leaks recently released movies. People visit their website and search for the desired movies, and they download it from the site. Latest TV shows are also being watched and downloaded from the site.

The category of movies that Isaimini uploads

Isaimini shares various categories of content like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu movies and TV shows and series but it famous for leaking all kinds of Tamil films. Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website shares the Tamil contents listed below:

  • Tamil dubbed movies
  • Tamil mp3 songs and Ringtones
  • Tamil Videos
  • Tamil Movie Trailers HD
  • Tamil Lyrics
  • Tamil recent updates

Recently leaked by Isaimini Tamil dubbed movies

 The website has recently leaked some newly released movies. Movie lovers have watched these movies online and also downloaded them from Isaimini. Many people downloaded Petta, 2.0, Maari 2, and other films from Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website. You can also visit Isaimini and download them, which is illegal.            

  • Petta
  •  2.0
  • Maari 2
  • Asuran
  • Iruttu
  • Rio Raj in Plan Panni Pannanum
  • Jurassic Thunder
  • The Grudge
  • Virus
  • Irumbu Manithan
  • Oru Addar Love

Why should you avoid using the Isaimini Website?

Torrent sites are not safe. As we all know, Isaimini is a torrent website, and it uploads other people’s copyrighted contents. So it is not a legal site.

Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website is a pirated website. Piracy is a crime, according to the law. So the site that is doing piracy or sharing pirated contents can’t be legal.

It is not safe too. There are malware and viruses in these types of torrent sites. If you visit Isaimini Tamil dubbed movie website your device can be harmed. Viruses and malware can be entering your devices that can affect your device in many ways. So it is not at all safe to visit Isaimini and use this site to download any content from the site.


We do not suggest you download movies from these pirated sites like Isaimini, and we don’t promote piracy. This article is only for educational purposes, and we are against piracy. We request to avoid these pirated sites and watch movies at the theatre.


 Isaimini is a torrent website that is very famous and easy to use. The interface of the site is simple, but we do not suggest you use the site. Piracy is a crime, and watching pirated content is also a crime. Filmmakers invest a lot of money, time, and effort to make a film. So please do not watch pirated movies rather than go to your nearest theatre and watch there. Please stand against piracy and help the government to stop piracy in our country.

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